Commit 80bf7a69 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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update CAN list

parent 5bbaa0bf
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ AC_DIVERT_PUSH(1)dnl
esyscmd([sed "s/^/# /" COPYRIGHT])dnl
AC_REVISION($Revision: 1.413 $)
AC_REVISION($Revision: 1.414 $)
......@@ -508,8 +508,8 @@ int main() {
[AC_MSG_RESULT(not compatible)
[you need OpenSSL 0.9.7k/0.9.8c (or newer) for:
CAN-2002-0659 and CAN-2006-4339
[you need OpenSSL 0.9.7l/0.9.8d (or newer) for:
CAN-2002-0659, CAN-2006-4339, CVE-2006-2937 and CVE-2006-2940
to skip this test specify: --disable-openssl-version-check]
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