Commit 811c5ebf authored by zhangzl2013's avatar zhangzl2013 Committed by Evan Hunt
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Fix crash caused by race condition in timer creation

The race condition is the timer elapses before isc__timer_create()
returns the pointer to the caller.  Assigning the return pointer before
enabling the timer will fix it.

(cherry picked from commit 21966423)
parent cb7420f4
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......@@ -474,8 +474,10 @@ isc__timer_create(isc_timermgr_t *manager0, isc_timertype_t type,
result = schedule(timer, &now, true);
result = ISC_R_SUCCESS;
if (result == ISC_R_SUCCESS)
if (result == ISC_R_SUCCESS) {
*timerp = (isc_timer_t *)timer;
APPEND(manager->timers, timer, link);
......@@ -488,8 +490,6 @@ isc__timer_create(isc_timermgr_t *manager0, isc_timertype_t type,
return (result);
*timerp = (isc_timer_t *)timer;
return (ISC_R_SUCCESS);
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