Commit 81514ff9 authored by Evan Hunt's avatar Evan Hunt Committed by Michał Kępień
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permanently disable QNAME minimization in a fetch when forwarding

QNAME minimization is normally disabled when forwarding. if, in the
course of processing a fetch, we switch back to normal recursion at
some point, we can't safely start minimizing because we may have
been left in an inconsistent state.
parent e160b150
......@@ -4023,6 +4023,15 @@ fctx_nextaddress(fetchctx_t *fctx) {
addrinfo->flags |= FCTX_ADDRINFO_MARK;
fctx->find = NULL;
fctx->forwarding = true;
* QNAME minimization is disabled when
* forwarding, and has to remain disabled if
* we switch back to normal recursion; otherwise
* forwarding could leave us in an inconsistent
* state.
fctx->minimized = false;
return (addrinfo);
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