Commit 81780ffd authored by Jeremy C. Reed's avatar Jeremy C. Reed
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use -r $RANDFILE for test using keygen

stops hang
this is for ticket #41898
parent 1add4a79
......@@ -3223,8 +3223,8 @@ ret=0
# generate signed zone with MX and AAAA records at apex.
cd signer
$KEYGEN -q -3 -fK remove > /dev/null
$KEYGEN -q -3 remove > /dev/null
$KEYGEN -q -r $RANDFILE -3 -fK remove > /dev/null
$KEYGEN -q -r $RANDFILE -3 remove > /dev/null
echo > remove.db.signed
$SIGNER -S -o remove -D -f remove.db.signed > signer.out.1.$n 2>&1
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