Commit 81b43827 authored by Brian Wellington's avatar Brian Wellington
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Commented hard to understand behavior in dns_message_signer

parent 00b67c06
...@@ -2321,8 +2321,16 @@ dns_message_checksig(dns_message_t *msg, dns_view_t *view) { ...@@ -2321,8 +2321,16 @@ dns_message_checksig(dns_message_t *msg, dns_view_t *view) {
dns_rdataset_current(msg->sig0, &rdata); dns_rdataset_current(msg->sig0, &rdata);
* This can occur when the message is a dynamic update, since
* the rdata length checking is relaxed. This should not
* happen in a well-formed message, since the SIG(0) is only
* looked for in the additional section, and the dynamic update
* meta-records are in the prerequisite and update sections.
if (rdata.length == 0) if (rdata.length == 0)
result = dns_rdata_tostruct(&rdata, &sig, msg->mctx); result = dns_rdata_tostruct(&rdata, &sig, msg->mctx);
if (result != ISC_R_SUCCESS) if (result != ISC_R_SUCCESS)
return (result); return (result);
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