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......@@ -60,9 +60,15 @@ BIND 9.10.0
impact of reflection and amplification attacks, is
always compiled in and no longer requires a compile-time
option to enable it.
- A new zone file format, "map", allows zone data to be
stored in a format that can be mapped directly into memory,
allowing much faster zone loading.
- A new zone file format, "map", stores zone data in a
format that can be mapped directly into memory, allowing
significantly faster zone loading.
- "delve" (domain entity lookup and validation engine) is a
new tool with dig-like semantics for looking up DNS data
and performing internal DNSSEC validation. This allows
easy validation in environments where the resolver may
not be trustworthy, and assists with troubleshooting of
DNSSEC problems.
- Improved EDNS(0) processing for better resolver performance
and reliability over slow or lossy connections.
- Substantial improvement in response-policy zone (RPZ)
......@@ -97,12 +103,12 @@ BIND 9.10.0
instead of using a modified OpenSSL as an intermediary.
This has been tested with the Thales nShield HSM and with
SoftHSMv2 from the Open DNSSEC project.
- New 'dnssec-coverage' tool to check DNSSEC key coverage
- New "dnssec-coverage" tool to check DNSSEC key coverage
for a zone and report if a lapse in signing coverage has
been inadvertently scheduled.
- Signing algorithm flexibility and other improvements
for the "rndc" control channel.
- 'named-checkzone' and 'named-compilezone' can now read
- "named-checkzone" and "named-compilezone" can now read
journal files, allowing them to process dynamic zones.
- Multiple DLZ databases can now be configured. Individual
zones can be configured to be served from a specific DLZ
......@@ -116,7 +122,7 @@ BIND 9.10.0
for specific clients via the new "no-case-compress" ACL.
- new "dnssec-importkey" command allows the use of offline
DNSSEC keys with automatic DNSKEY management.
- New 'named-rrchecker' tool to verify the syntactic
- New "named-rrchecker" tool to verify the syntactic
correctness of individual resource records.
- When re-signing a zone, the new "dnssec-signzone -Q" option
drops signatures from keys that are still published but are
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