Commit 8543f063 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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parent b0e86290
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ rt14654 open
rt14815 open // stats blind spots
rt14895 open jinmei
rt14895b open jinmei
rt14951a new
rt14951a open
rt15327 open
rt15452 open marka // NSEC3
rt15452a new
......@@ -45,27 +45,27 @@ rt15473b review marka
rt15698 open
rt15765 open
rt15860 open
rt15869 new
rt15978 review
rt16022 review
rt16156 new
rt16157 new
rt16170 new
rt16179 new
rt16182 new
rt16183 new
rt16187 new
rt16218 new
rt16218a new
rt16219 new
rt16220 new
rt16220a new
rt16244 new
rt16288 new
rt16290 new
rt16292 new
rt16300 new
rt16307 new
rt15869 review
rt15978 closed
rt16022 closed
rt16156 closed
rt16157 open
rt16170 closed
rt16179 closed
rt16182 closed
rt16183 closed
rt16187 closed
rt16218 closed
rt16218a closed
rt16219 closed
rt16220 closed
rt16220a closed
rt16244 closed
rt16288 review
rt16290 closed
rt16292 closed
rt16300 closed
rt16307 closed
rt16313 new
rt16315 new
rt16317 new
......@@ -129,13 +129,13 @@ v9_2_0_patch active // security fixes 9.2.0 only
v9_2_2_delegation_only active // 9.2.2-P1, 9.2.2-P2, 9.2.2-P3
v9_2_2base active // security fixes 9.2.2 only
v9_2_4base active // security fixes 9.2.4 only
v9_2_6_patch new
v9_2_7_patch new
v9_2_8_patch new
v9_2_6_patch active // security fixes 9.2.6 only
v9_2_7_patch active // security fixes 9.2.7 only
v9_2_8_patch active // security fixes 9.2.9 only
v9_3 active
v9_3_0base active // security fixes 9.3.0 only
v9_3_2_patch new
v9_3_4_patch new
v9_3_2_patch active // security fixes 9.3.2 only
v9_3_4_patch active // security fixes 9.3.4 only
v9_4 active
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