Commit 8612a0d5 authored by David Lawrence's avatar David Lawrence
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gai_strerror returns const char * now; this change was (erroneously) only made

to netdb.h in my local tree, not to the file that generates it ...
parent ba80bec9
......@@ -355,7 +355,7 @@ int lwres_getaddrinfo(const char *, const char *,
int lwres_getnameinfo(const struct sockaddr *, size_t, char *,
size_t, char *, size_t, int);
void lwres_freeaddrinfo(struct addrinfo *);
char *lwres_gai_strerror(int);
const char *lwres_gai_strerror(int);
struct hostent *lwres_gethostbyaddr(const char *, int, int);
struct hostent *lwres_gethostbyname(const char *);
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