Commit 875e869d authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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fix 'result' might be used uninitialized in this function

parent bfbd478c
...@@ -9799,7 +9799,7 @@ isc_result_t ...@@ -9799,7 +9799,7 @@ isc_result_t
ns_server_nta(ns_server_t *server, char *args, isc_buffer_t *text) { ns_server_nta(ns_server_t *server, char *args, isc_buffer_t *text) {
dns_view_t *view; dns_view_t *view;
dns_ntatable_t *ntatable = NULL; dns_ntatable_t *ntatable = NULL;
isc_result_t result; isc_result_t result = ISC_R_SUCCESS;
char *ptr, *nametext = NULL, *viewname; char *ptr, *nametext = NULL, *viewname;
isc_stdtime_t now, when; isc_stdtime_t now, when;
isc_time_t t; isc_time_t t;
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