Commit 87f234b1 authored by Jeremy C. Reed's avatar Jeremy C. Reed
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[master] add servfail-ttl to options grammar

parent 947cf282
......@@ -4871,6 +4871,7 @@ badresp:1,adberr:0,findfail:0,valfail:0]
<optional> max-ncache-ttl <replaceable>number</replaceable>; </optional>
<optional> max-cache-ttl <replaceable>number</replaceable>; </optional>
<optional> max-zone-ttl <replaceable>number</replaceable> ; </optional>
<optional> servfail-ttl <replaceable>number</replaceable>; </optional>
<optional> sig-validity-interval <replaceable>number</replaceable> <optional><replaceable>number</replaceable></optional> ; </optional>
<optional> sig-signing-nodes <replaceable>number</replaceable> ; </optional>
<optional> sig-signing-signatures <replaceable>number</replaceable> ; </optional>
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