Commit 88af212a authored by Evan Hunt's avatar Evan Hunt
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[master] correct delegation-only doc

parent 5efcb3a3
......@@ -11050,7 +11050,6 @@ zone <replaceable>zone_name</replaceable> <optional><replaceable>class</replacea
type forward;
<optional> forward (<constant>only</constant>|<constant>first</constant>) ; </optional>
<optional> forwarders { <optional> <replaceable>ip_addr</replaceable> <optional>port <replaceable>ip_port</replaceable></optional> <optional>dscp <replaceable>ip_dscp</replaceable></optional> ; ... </optional> }; </optional>
<optional> delegation-only <replaceable>yes_or_no</replaceable> ; </optional>
zone <replaceable>"."</replaceable> <optional><replaceable>class</replaceable></optional> {
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