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Add changes and notes for [#2498]

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5590. [bug] Process NSEC3PARAM queue when loading a dynamic zone.
This will immediately create NSEC3 records for zones
that use "dnssec-policy" and "nsec3param". [GL #2498]
5589. [placeholder]
5588. [func] Add "purge-keys" option to "dnssec-policy". This sets
......@@ -54,5 +54,8 @@ Bug Fixes
UDP sockets that we enabled during the DNS Flag Day 2020 to fix this issue.
[GL #2487]
- NSEC3 records were not immediately created when signing a dynamic zone with
``dnssec-policy`` and ``nsec3param``. This has been fixed [GL #2498].
- An invalid direction field (not one of 'N'/'S' or 'E'/'W') in a LOC record
triggered an INSIST failure. [GL #2499]
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