Commit 8c161607 authored by Andreas Gustafsson's avatar Andreas Gustafsson
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previous commit was by mistake, backed out

parent 76ec1421
......@@ -77,31 +77,6 @@ dns_validator_create(dns_view_t *view, dns_name_t *name,
dns_message_t *message, unsigned int options,
isc_task_t *task, isc_taskaction_t action, void *arg,
dns_validator_t **validatorp);
* Create a validator object for validating that 'rdataset', owned
* by 'name', is correctly signed by 'sigrdataset', or that 'message'
* is a correctly signed negative response.
* Requires:
* 'name', 'rdataset', and 'sigrdataset' are valid,
* and 'message' is NULL, or
* 'name', 'rdataset', and 'sigrdataset' are NULL,
* and 'message' is valid.
* ...
* Ensures:
* If ISC_R_SUCCESS is returned,
* '*validatorp' points to a valid validator object,
* The validator object has started validating, and
* A completion event with the given 'action' and 'arg' will
* eventually be sent to 'task'.
dns_validator_cancel(dns_validator_t *validator);
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