Commit 8c2490a9 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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auto update

parent bafbaadc
......@@ -30,16 +30,11 @@ rt13562 open marka
rt13587 review
rt13606 open marka // TSIG SHA256
rt13662 open marka // rrset-order fixed
rt14815a open marka // statistics blind spots
rt14815a closed // abandoned
rt14815 new
rt14855 open // 9.4 ARM review
rt14890 closed
rt14892 closed
rt14895 open jinmei
rt14895 open jinmei
rt14916 open marka // lame cache to <qname,qtype>
rt14918 open marka // clients-per-query
rt14919 closed
rt2471 closed
rt5206_1 open marka
rt6432 open marka
rt6496a open marka
......@@ -282,11 +277,16 @@ rt14775 closed
rt14801 closed
rt14802 closed
rt14814 closed
rt14815a closed // abandoned
rt14841 closed
rt14846 closed
rt14851 closed
rt14873 closed
rt14890 closed
rt14892 closed
rt14919 closed
rt1572a closed // bad rt#
rt2471 closed
rt288 closed
rt3445 closed
rt3469 closed
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