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name length removed from structure; value is stored in single byte immediately

after the structure.

color stored in single bit

references bitfield width decrease by one

typedef for a node_chain structure, used by dns_rbt_findnode

dns_rbt_create takes a new second argument that is a pointer to a function
which frees node data when the node is deleted.

dns_rbt_addnode provided to return the node that was added.
parent 8aefdfc9
......@@ -36,24 +36,24 @@
typedef struct dns_rbt dns_rbt_t;
/* These should add up to 31 XXX change to 30 after color fix */
/* These should add up to 30 */
typedef struct dns_rbt_node {
struct dns_rbt_node *left;
struct dns_rbt_node *right;
struct dns_rbt_node *down;
enum { red, black } color;
/* XXX should make color one of the following bits */
void *data;
unsigned int color:1;
unsigned int dirty:1;
unsigned int locknum:DNS_RBT_LOCKLENGTH;
unsigned int references:DNS_RBT_REFLENGTH;
void *data;
unsigned int name_length;
} dns_rbtnode_t;
typedef struct node_chain node_chain_t;
dns_result_t dns_rbt_addname(dns_rbt_t *rbt, dns_name_t *name, void *data);
* Add 'name' to the tree of trees, associated with 'data'.
......@@ -64,13 +64,14 @@ dns_result_t dns_rbt_addname(dns_rbt_t *rbt, dns_name_t *name, void *data);
* again and then setting the data pointer.
* Requires:
* rbt is a valid rbt structure.
* dns_name_isabsolute(name) == TRUE
* Ensures:
* 'name' is not altered in any way.
* If result is success:
* If result is DNS_R_SUCCESS:
* 'name' is findable in the red/black tree of trees in O(log N).
* Returns:
......@@ -78,12 +79,26 @@ dns_result_t dns_rbt_addname(dns_rbt_t *rbt, dns_name_t *name, void *data);
* Resource Limit: Out of Memory
dns_result_t dns_rbt_deletename(dns_rbt_t *rbt, dns_name_t *name);
dns_result_t dns_rbt_addnode(dns_rbt_t *rbt, dns_name_t *name,
dns_rbtnode_t **nodep);
* Just like dns_rbt_addname, but return the address of the added node,
* even when the node already existed.
* Requires:
* rbt is a valid rbt structure.
* dns_name_isabsolute(name) == TRUE
* nodep != NULL && *nodep == NULL
dns_result_t dns_rbt_deletename(dns_rbt_t *rbt, dns_name_t *name,
isc_boolean_t recurse);
* Delete 'name' from the tree of trees.
* Notes:
* When 'name' is removed, all of its subnames are removed too.
* When 'name' is removed, if recurse is TRUE then all of its
* subnames are removed too.
* Requires:
* dns_name_isabsolute(name) == TRUE
......@@ -110,7 +125,8 @@ void dns_rbt_namefromnode(dns_rbtnode_t *node, dns_name_t *name);
dns_rbtnode_t *dns_rbt_findnode(dns_rbt_t *rbt, dns_name_t *name);
dns_rbtnode_t *dns_rbt_findnode(dns_rbt_t *rbt, dns_name_t *name,
node_chain_t *chain);
* Find the node for 'name'.
......@@ -133,5 +149,6 @@ void dns_rbt_printnodename(dns_rbtnode_t *node);
void dns_rbt_printtree(dns_rbtnode_t *root, dns_rbtnode_t *parent, int depth);
void dns_rbt_printall(dns_rbt_t *rbt);
dns_result_t dns_rbt_create(isc_mem_t *mctx, dns_rbt_t **rbtp);
dns_result_t dns_rbt_create(isc_mem_t *mctx, void (*deleter)(void *),
dns_rbt_t **rbtp);
void dns_rbt_destroy(dns_rbt_t **rbtp);
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