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updated comments based on API review

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* Provides timers which are event sources in the task system.
* Two kinds of timer are supported.
* Three types of timers are supported:
* 'ticker' timers generate a periodic tick event.
......@@ -36,9 +36,11 @@
* They are used to implement both (possibly expiring) idle timers and
* 'one-shot' timers.
* Note: unlike in eventlib, a timer's resources are never reclaimed merely
* because it generated an event. A timer reference will remain valid until
* it is explicitly detached.
* 'inactive' timers generate no events.
* Timers can change type. It is typical to create a timer as
* an 'inactive' timer and then change it into a 'ticker' or
* 'once' timer.
* MP:
* The module ensures appropriate synchronization of data structures it
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