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......@@ -205,6 +205,8 @@ A: These indicate a malformed master zone. You can identify the exact
Q: I get error messages like "named.conf:99: unexpected end of input"
where 99 is the last line of named.conf.
A: There are unbalanced quotes in named.conf.
A: Some text editors (notepad and wordpad) fail to put a line title
indication (e.g. CR/LF) on the last line of a text file. This can be
fixed by "adding" a blank line to the end of the file. Named expects to
......@@ -375,6 +377,15 @@ A: When reloading a zone named my have multiple copies of the zone in
other errors in the master file as it still has an in-core copy of the
old contents.
Q: I want to use IPv6 locally but I don't have a external IPv6 connection.
External lookups are slow.
A: You can use server clauses to stop named making external lookups over
server fd81:ec6c:bd62::/48 { bogus no; }; // site ULA prefix
server ::/0 { bogus yes; };
3. Operations Questions
Q: How to change the nameservers for a zone?
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