Commit 900b9aa2 authored by Andreas Gustafsson's avatar Andreas Gustafsson
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tostruct_key() no longer requires a non-NULL mctx

parent 178f9cf8
......@@ -232,11 +232,10 @@ configure_view_dnsseckeys(dns_c_ctx_t *cctx,
keystruct.common.rdclass = viewclass;
keystruct.common.rdtype = dns_rdatatype_key;
* The key data in keystruct is not really
* dynamically allocated, but dns_rdata_fromstruct()
* requires that there is a valid mctx anyway.
* The key data in keystruct is not
* dynamically allocated.
keystruct.mctx = mctx;
keystruct.mctx = NULL;
ISC_LINK_INIT(&keystruct.common, link);
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