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[master] add CVE

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......@@ -24,15 +24,16 @@
named run-time, the previously loaded GeoIP
data could remain, potentially causing wrong
ACLs to be used or wrong results to be served
based on geolocation. [RT #37720]
based on geolocation (CVE-2014-8680). [RT #37720]
4002. [security] Lookups in GeoIP databases that were not
loaded could cause an assertion failure.
[RT #37679]
loaded could cause an assertion failure
(CVE-2014-8680). [RT #37679]
4001. [security] The caching of GeoIP lookups did not always
handle address families correctly, potentially
resulting in an assertion failure. [RT #37672]
resulting in an assertion failure (CVE-2014-8680).
[RT #37672]
4000. [bug] NXDOMAIN redirection incorrectly handled NXRRSET
from the redirect zone. [RT #37722]
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