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[master] revise CHANGES note and add release note

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4665. [func] Add Ed25519 support (RFC 8080). [RT #25519]
4665. [protocol] Added support for ED25519 and ED448 DNSSEC signing
algorithms (RFC 8080). (Note: these algorithms
depend on code currently in the development branch
of OpenSSL which has not yet been released.)
[RT #44696]
4664. [func] Add a "glue-cache" option to enable or disable the
glue cache. The default is "no" to reduce memory
......@@ -373,6 +373,22 @@
<section xml:id="proto_changes"><info><title>Protocol Changes</title></info>
BIND can now use the Ed25519 and Ed448 Edwards Curve DNSSEC
signing algorithms described in RFC 8080. Note, however, that
these algorithms must be supported in OpenSSL;
currently they are only available in the development branch
of OpenSSL at
<link xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href=""></link>.
[RT #44696]
<section xml:id="relnotes_changes"><info><title>Feature Changes</title></info>
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