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Add CHANGES and release note for GL #2038

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5481. [placeholder]
5481. [bug] BIND 9 would fail to bind to IPv6 addresses in a
tentative state when a new IPv6 address was added to the
system, but the Duplicate Address Detection (DAD)
mechanism had not yet finished. [GL #2038]
5480. [placeholder]
......@@ -60,3 +60,12 @@ Bug Fixes
- The introduction of KASP support broke whether the second field
of sig-validity-interval was treated as days or hours. (Thanks to
Tony Finch.) [GL !3735]
- The IPv6 Duplicate Address Detection (DAD) mechanism could cause the operating
system to report the new IPv6 addresses to the applications via the
getifaddrs() API in a tentative (DAD not yet finished) or duplicate (DAD
failed) state. Such addresses cannot be bound by an application, and named
failed to listen on IPv6 addresses after the DAD mechanism finished. It is
possible to work around the issue by setting the IP_FREEBIND option on the
socket and trying to bind() to the IPv6 address again if the first bind() call
fails with EADDRNOTAVAIL. [GL #2038]
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