Commit 954d6102 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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mark branches as closed

parent 68b32be0
...@@ -78,17 +78,17 @@ rt13505 review ...@@ -78,17 +78,17 @@ rt13505 review
rt13511 closed rt13511 closed
rt13526 closed rt13526 closed
rt13547 closed rt13547 closed
rt13555 new rt13555 open marka
rt13562 new rt13562 open marka
rt13587 review rt13587 review
rt13593 new rt13593 closed
rt13593a new rt13593a closed
rt13597 new rt13597 closed
rt13605 new rt13605 closed
rt13606 new rt13606 open marka // TSIG SHA256
rt13609 new rt13609 closed
rt13620 new rt13620 closed
rt13659 new rt13659 closed
rt13662 new rt13662 new
rt13694 new rt13694 new
rt13707 new rt13707 new
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