Commit 96beefd7 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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4386.[bug]Remove shadowed overmem function/variable. [RT #42706]

parent a3a12fa5
4386. [bug] Remove shadowed overmem function/variable. [RT #42706]
4385. [func] Add support for allow-query and allow-transfer ACLs
to catalog zones. [RT #42578]
......@@ -401,12 +401,12 @@ ispersistent(dns_db_t *db) {
static void
overmem(dns_db_t *db, isc_boolean_t overmem) {
overmem(dns_db_t *db, isc_boolean_t over) {
sampledb_t *sampledb = (sampledb_t *) db;
dns_db_overmem(sampledb->rbtdb, overmem);
dns_db_overmem(sampledb->rbtdb, over);
static void
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