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5239. [func] Change the json-c detection to pkg-config. [GL #855]
5238. [bug] Fix a possible deadlock in TCP code. [GL #1046]
5237. [bug] Recurse to find the root server list with 'dig +trace'.
......@@ -159,6 +159,18 @@
JSON-C is now the only supported library for enabling JSON
support for BIND statistics. The <command>configure</command>
option has been renamed from <command>--with-libjson</command>
to <command>--with-json-c</command>. Use
<command>PKG_CONFIG_PATH</command> to specify a custom path to
the <command>json-c</command> library as the new
<command>configure</command> option does not take the library
installation path as an optional argument.
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