Commit 9c611dd9 authored by Michał Kępień's avatar Michał Kępień

Prevent races when waiting for log messages

The "mirror" system test checks whether log messages announcing a mirror
zone coming into effect are emitted properly.  However, the helper
functions responsible for waiting for zone transfers and zone loading to
complete do not wait for these exact log messages, but rather for other
ones preceding them, which introduces a possibility of false positives.

This problem cannot be addressed by just changing the log message to
look for because the test still needs to discern between transferring a
zone and loading a zone.

Add two new log messages at debug level 99 (which is what named
instances used in system tests are configured with) that are to be
emitted after the log messages announcing a mirror zone coming into
effect.  Tweak the aforementioned helper functions to only return once
the log messages they originally looked for are followed by the newly
added log messages.  This reliably prevents races when looking for
"mirror zone is now in use" log messages and also enables a workaround
previously put into place in the "mirror" system test to be reverted.
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