Commit 9e4a153f authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews Committed by Evan Hunt
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use relative widths for zone table

parent bf38b4af
......@@ -11636,8 +11636,8 @@ view "external" {
<tgroup cols="2" colsep="0" rowsep="0" tgroupstyle="3Level-table">
<!--colspec colname="1" colnum="1" colsep="0" colwidth="1.108in"/-->
<!--colspec colname="2" colnum="2" colsep="0" colwidth="4.017in"/-->
<colspec colname="1" colnum="1" colsep="0"/>
<colspec colname="2" colnum="2" colsep="0" colwidth="4.017in"/>
<colspec colname="1" colnum="1" colsep="0" colwidth="*"/>
<colspec colname="2" colnum="2" colsep="0" colwidth="4*"/>
<row rowsep="0">
<entry colname="1">
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