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Add release note for #83

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......@@ -63,6 +63,11 @@ New Features
first. Extra attention is also needed when using non-standard
``./configure`` options. [GL #4]
- Documentation was converted from DocBook to reStructuredText. The
BIND 9 ARM is now generated using Sphinx and published on `Read the
Docs`_. Release notes are no longer available as a separate document
accompanying a release. [GL #83]
- ``named`` and ``named-checkzone`` now reject master zones that
have a DS RRset at the zone apex. Attempts to add DS records
at the zone apex via UPDATE will be logged but otherwise ignored.
......@@ -181,3 +186,5 @@ Bug Fixes
- When built without LMDB support, ``named`` failed to restart after a
zone with a double quote (") in its name was added with ``rndc
addzone``. Thanks to Alberto Fernández. [GL #1695]
.. _Read the Docs:
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