Commit 9ecccc10 authored by James Brister's avatar James Brister
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Code removal.

parent e0c4b53b
......@@ -94,8 +94,6 @@ isc_result_t dns_peerlist_new(isc_mem_t *mem,
void dns_peerlist_attach(dns_peerlist_t *source,
dns_peerlist_t **target);
void dns_peerlist_detach(dns_peerlist_t **list);
void dns_peerlist_print(FILE *fp, int indent,
dns_peerlist_t *peers);
/* After return caller still holds a reference to peer. */
void dns_peerlist_addpeer(dns_peerlist_t *peers,
......@@ -117,8 +115,6 @@ isc_result_t dns_peer_new(isc_mem_t *mem,
dns_peer_t **peer);
isc_result_t dns_peer_attach(dns_peer_t *source, dns_peer_t **target);
isc_result_t dns_peer_detach(dns_peer_t **list);
void dns_peer_print(FILE *fp, int indent,
dns_peer_t *peer);
isc_result_t dns_peer_setbogus(dns_peer_t *peer,
isc_boolean_t newval);
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