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Add README to RPZ tests

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Copyright (C) Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. ("ISC")
See COPYRIGHT in the source root or for terms.
The test setup for the RPZ tests prepares a query perf tool and sets up
policy zones.
Name servers
ns1 is the root server.
ns2 and ns4 are authoritative servers for the various test domains.
ns3 is the main rewriting resolver.
ns5 and ns7 are additional rewriting resolvers.
ns6 is a forwarding server.
Updating the response policy zones
test1, test2, test3, test4, test5, and test6 are dynamic update files. These
updates are made against ns3. The script function "start_group" is called to
start an new batch of tests that may depend on certain server updates. The
function takes an optional file name and if provided the server updates are
performed before executing the test batch.
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