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Add CHANGES and release note for #1719

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5466. [bug] Addressed an error in recursive clients stats reporting.
[GL #1719]
5465. [func] Fallback to built in trust-anchors, managed-keys, or
trusted-keys if the bindkeys-file (bind.keys) cannot
be parsed. [GL #1235]
......@@ -49,6 +49,14 @@ Feature Changes
Bug Fixes
- Addressed an error in recursive clients stats reporting.
There were occasions when an incoming query could trigger a prefetch for
some eligible rrset, and if the prefetch code were executed before recursion,
no increment in recursive clients stats would take place. Conversely,
when processing the answers, if the recursion code were executed before the
prefetch, the same counter would be decremented without a matching increment.
[GL #1719]
- The DS set returned by ``dns_keynode_dsset()`` was not thread-safe.
This could result in an INSIST being triggered. [GL #1926]
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