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We've had successful builds and tests on the following systems
BSDI 3.1
Digital UNIX 4.0D
HP-UX 11
Red Hat Linux 5.2
Solaris 2.6
To build, just
Do not run 'make install'.
Building with gcc is not supported, unless gcc is the vendor's usual
compiler (e.g. the various BSD systems, Linux). If you have gcc installed
on a system where it is not the vendor's usual compiler, then you should
setenv CC cc # Solaris, HP-UX
setenv CC c89 # Digital UNIX
before doing "./configure".
We know about the compiler warnings for socket.c on some systems. The issue
will be addressed in a future release, but in the meantime everything should
still work.
Code in bin/named is for testing purposes only, and is not representative of
the final architecture. Currently, it can load one zone and answer questions
about names in that zone.
All APIs are subject to change in future code drops.
Out-of-zone glue is not supported yet.
Trying to query for ANY RR type doesn't work yet.
IRIX note: you must edit lib/isc/ changing
pthreads/condition.o \
pthreads/condition.o @ISC_EXTRA_OBJS@
before you run ./configure. Many compiler warnings, etc. are currently
generated on IRIX. They will be cleaned up in a future release.
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