Commit a597bd52 authored by Michał Kępień's avatar Michał Kępień
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Fix message section checked in a TTL capping test

Commit c032c54d inadvertently changed
the DNS message section inspected by one of the TTL capping checks from
ADDITIONAL to ANSWER, introducing a discrepancy between that check's
description and its actual meaning.  Revert to inspecting the ADDITIONAL
section in the aforementioned check.
parent 9a36a1bb
......@@ -2880,8 +2880,8 @@ status=$((status+ret))
echo_i "testing TTL is capped at RRSIG expiry time for records in the additional section with dnssec-accept-expired yes; ($n)"
rndccmd flush 2>&1 | sed 's/^/ns4 /' | cat_i
dig_with_answeropts +cd expiring.example mx @ > dig.out.ns4.1.$n
dig_with_answeropts expiring.example mx @ > dig.out.ns4.2.$n
dig_with_additionalopts +cd expiring.example mx @ > dig.out.ns4.1.$n
dig_with_additionalopts expiring.example mx @ > dig.out.ns4.2.$n
ttls=$(awk '$1 != ";;" {print $2}' dig.out.ns4.1.$n)
ttls2=$(awk '$1 != ";;" {print $2}' dig.out.ns4.2.$n)
for ttl in ${ttls:-300}; do
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