Commit a7ae6157 authored by Michał Kępień's avatar Michał Kępień

Remove fatal() and check_result() from lib/dns/zoneverify.c

Since no function in lib/dns/zoneverify.c uses fatal() or check_result()
any more, remove them.
parent 5609472f
......@@ -93,18 +93,6 @@ struct nsec3_chain_fixed {
static void
fatal(const char *format, ...) {
va_list args;
fprintf(stderr, "fatal: ");
va_start(args, format);
vfprintf(stderr, format, args);
fprintf(stderr, "\n");
* Log a zone verification error described by 'fmt' and the variable arguments
* following it. Either use dns_zone_logv() or print to stderr, depending on
......@@ -143,12 +131,6 @@ zoneverify_print(const vctx_t *vctx, const char *fmt, ...) {
static void
check_result(isc_result_t result, const char *message) {
if (result != ISC_R_SUCCESS)
fatal("%s: %s", message, isc_result_totext(result));
static isc_boolean_t
is_delegation(const vctx_t *vctx, dns_name_t *name, dns_dbnode_t *node,
isc_uint32_t *ttlp)
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