Commit a8277d18 authored by Andreas Gustafsson's avatar Andreas Gustafsson
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install logging configuration after relinquishing root privileges

to ensure that log files specified in named.conf are created as
the unprivileged user
parent e0a43acb
......@@ -1292,8 +1292,18 @@ load_configuration(const char *filename, ns_server_t *server,
server->tkeyctx = t;
* Relinquish root privileges.
if (first_time)
* Configure the logging system.
* Do this after changing UID to make sure that any log
* files specified in named.conf get created by the
* unprivileged user, not root.
if (ns_g_logstderr) {
isc_log_write(ns_g_lctx, NS_LOGCATEGORY_GENERAL,
......@@ -1322,9 +1332,6 @@ load_configuration(const char *filename, ns_server_t *server,
if (first_time)
if (dns_c_ctx_getpidfilename(cctx, &pidfilename) ==
pidfilename = ns_g_defaultpidfile;
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