Commit ab78e350 authored by Michał Kępień's avatar Michał Kępień
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Implement a convenience function for "rndc dumpdb"

Add a helper shell function, rndc_dumpdb(), which provides a convenient
way to call "rndc dumpdb" for a given server with optional additional
arguments.  Since database dumping is an asynchronous process, the
function waits until the dump is complete before returning, which
prevents false positives in system tests caused by inspecting the dump
before its preparation is finished.  The function also renames the dump
file before returning so that it does not get overwritten by subsequent
calls; this retains forensic data in case of an unexpected test failure.
parent 7fac94f5
......@@ -343,6 +343,48 @@ rndc_reconfig() {
# rndc_dumpdb: call "rndc dumpdb [...]" and wait until it completes
# The first argument is the name server instance to send the command to, in the
# form of "nsX" (where "X" is the instance number), e.g. "ns5". The remaining
# arguments, if any, are appended to the rndc command line after "dumpdb".
# Control channel configuration for the name server instance to send the
# command to must match the contents of bin/tests/system/common/rndc.conf.
# rndc output is stored in a file called rndc.out.test${n}; the "n" variable is
# required to be set by the calling script.
# Return 0 if the dump completes successfully; return 1 if rndc returns an exit
# code other than 0 or if the "; Dump complete" string does not appear in the
# dump within 10 seconds.
rndc_dumpdb() {
__ip="10.53.0.$(echo "${__server}" | tr -c -d "0-9")"
${RNDC} -c ../common/rndc.conf -p "${CONTROLPORT}" -s "${__ip}" dumpdb "$@" > "rndc.out.test${n}" 2>&1 || __ret=1
for _ in 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
if grep '^; Dump complete$' "${__server}/named_dump.db" > /dev/null; then
mv "${__server}/named_dump.db" "${__server}/named_dump.db.test${n}"
sleep 1
if [ ${__dump_complete} -eq 0 ]; then
echo_i "timed out waiting for 'rndc dumpdb' to finish"
return ${__ret}
# get_dig_xfer_stats: extract transfer statistics from dig output stored
# in $1, converting them to a format used by some system tests.
get_dig_xfer_stats() {
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