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remove discussion about falling back to plain DNS on timeout

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......@@ -8963,18 +8963,7 @@ avoid-v6-udp-ports { 40000; range 50000 60000; };
this has the greatest chance of success on the first try.
If the initial response times out, <command>named</command>
will try again with plain DNS, and if that is successful,
it will be taken as evidence that the server does not
support EDNS. After enough failures using EDNS and
successes using plain DNS, <command>named</command>
will default to plain DNS for future communications
with that server. (Periodically, <command>named</command>
will send an EDNS query to see if the situation has
However, if the initial query is successful with
If the initial query is successful with
EDNS advertising a buffer size of 512, then
<command>named</command> will advertise progressively
larger buffer sizes on successive queries, until
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