Commit acc3fa04 authored by Tony Finch's avatar Tony Finch Committed by Mark Andrews
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A bit more cleanup in the dnssec-keygen manual

Remove another remnant of shared secret HMAC-MD5 support.

Explain that with currently recommended setups DNSKEY records are
inserted automatically, but you can still use $INCLUDE in other cases.
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5186. [cleanup] More dnssec-keygen manual tidying. [GL !1678]
5185. [placeholder]
5184. [bug] Missing unlocks in sdlz.c. [GL #936]
......@@ -571,10 +571,12 @@
The <filename>.key</filename> file contains a DNS KEY record
can be inserted into a zone file (directly or with a $INCLUDE
The <filename>.key</filename> file contains a DNSKEY or KEY record.
When a zone is being signed by <command>named</command>
or <command>dnssec-signzone</command> <option>-S</option>, DNSKEY
records are included automatically. In other cases,
the <filename>.key</filename> file can be inserted into a zone file
manually or with a <userinput>$INCLUDE</userinput> statement.
The <filename>.private</filename> file contains
......@@ -582,11 +584,6 @@
fields. For obvious security reasons, this file does not have
general read permission.
Both <filename>.key</filename> and <filename>.private</filename>
files are generated for symmetric cryptography algorithms such as
HMAC-MD5, even though the public and private key are equivalent.
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