Commit ad73ddc3 authored by Andreas Gustafsson's avatar Andreas Gustafsson
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don't use 'new' as an identifier in installed

header files - it's a reserved word in C++
parent a68a5a24
......@@ -333,7 +333,7 @@ isc_result_t dns_c_zone_setmaxtransidlein(dns_c_zone_t *zone,
isc_result_t dns_c_zone_setmaxtransidleout(dns_c_zone_t *zone,
isc_int32_t newval);
isc_result_t dns_c_zone_setmaxixfrlog(dns_c_zone_t *zone,
isc_int32_t new);
isc_int32_t newval);
isc_result_t dns_c_zone_setforward(dns_c_zone_t *zone,
dns_c_forw_t newval);
isc_result_t dns_c_zone_setforwarders(dns_c_zone_t *zone,
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