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Merge branch '3112-ensure-correct-ordering-in-isc__nm_process_sock_buffer' into 'main'

[CVE-2022-0396] Resolve #3112 TCP sockets stuck in CLOSE_WAIT

Closes #3112

See merge request !5987
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......@@ -39,7 +39,12 @@
5819. [placeholder]
5818. [placeholder]
5818. [security] A synchronous call to closehandle_cb() caused
isc__nm_process_sock_buffer() to be called recursively,
which in turn left TCP connections hanging in the
CLOSE_WAIT state blocking indefinitely when
out-of-order processing was disabled. (CVE-2022-0396)
[GL #3112]
5817. [security] The rules for acceptance of records into the cache
have been tightened to prevent the possibility of
......@@ -24,6 +24,11 @@ Security Fixes
Changgen Zou from Qi An Xin Group Corp. for bringing this
vulnerability to our attention. :gl:`#2950`
- TCP connections with ``keep-response-order`` enabled could leave the
TCP sockets in the ``CLOSE_WAIT`` state when the client did not
properly shut down the connection. (CVE-2022-0396) :gl:`#3112`
Known Issues
......@@ -1731,8 +1731,12 @@ isc__nmhandle_detach(isc_nmhandle_t **handlep FLARG) {
handle = *handlep;
*handlep = NULL;
* If the closehandle_cb is set, it needs to run asynchronously to
* ensure correct ordering of the isc__nm_process_sock_buffer().
sock = handle->sock;
if (sock->tid == isc_nm_tid()) {
if (sock->tid == isc_nm_tid() && sock->closehandle_cb == NULL) {
nmhandle_detach_cb(&handle FLARG_PASS);
} else {
isc__netievent_detach_t *event =
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