Commit afc7389c authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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lock disp->mgr before reading disp->mgr->buffers

parent 545e1391
......@@ -1045,9 +1045,11 @@ udp_recv(isc_event_t *ev_in, dns_dispatch_t *disp, dispsocket_t *dispsock) {
mgr = disp->mgr;
qid = mgr->qid;
dispatch_log(disp, LVL(90),
"got packet: requests %d, buffers %d, recvs %d",
disp->requests, disp->mgr->buffers, disp->recv_pending);
if (dispsock == NULL && ev->ev_type == ISC_SOCKEVENT_RECVDONE) {
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