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Check multi-line output from dns_rdata_tofmttext()

Check that multi-line output from dns_rdata_tofmttext() can be read
back in by dns_rdata_fromtext().
parent 1a75a5ce
......@@ -299,6 +299,53 @@ check_text_conversions(dns_rdata_t *rdata) {
assert_memory_equal(buf_fromtext, rdata->data, rdata->length);
* Test whether converting rdata to multi-line text form and then parsing the
* result of that conversion again results in the same uncompressed wire form.
* This checks whether multi-line totext_*() output is parsable by fromtext_*()
* for given RR class and type.
* This function is called for every input RDATA which is successfully parsed
* by check_wire_ok_single() and whose type is not a meta-type.
static void
check_multiline_text_conversions(dns_rdata_t *rdata) {
char buf_totext[1024] = { 0 };
unsigned char buf_fromtext[1024];
isc_result_t result;
isc_buffer_t target;
dns_rdata_t rdata2 = DNS_RDATA_INIT;
unsigned int flags;
* Convert uncompressed wire form RDATA into multi-line text form.
* This conversion must succeed since input RDATA was successfully
* parsed by check_wire_ok_single().
isc_buffer_init(&target, buf_totext, sizeof(buf_totext));
flags = dns_master_styleflags(&dns_master_style_default);
result = dns_rdata_tofmttext(rdata, dns_rootname, flags, 80 - 32, 4,
"\n", &target);
assert_int_equal(result, ISC_R_SUCCESS);
* Ensure buf_totext is properly NUL terminated as
* dns_rdata_tofmttext() may attempt different output formats
* writing into the apparently unused part of the buffer.
isc_buffer_putuint8(&target, 0);
* Try parsing multi-line text form RDATA output by
* dns_rdata_tofmttext() again.
result = dns_test_rdatafromstring(&rdata2, rdata->rdclass, rdata->type,
buf_fromtext, sizeof(buf_fromtext),
buf_totext, false);
assert_int_equal(result, ISC_R_SUCCESS);
assert_int_equal(rdata2.length, rdata->length);
assert_memory_equal(buf_fromtext, rdata->data, rdata->length);
* Test whether supplied wire form RDATA is properly handled as being either
* valid or invalid for an RR of given rdclass and type.
......@@ -329,12 +376,16 @@ check_wire_ok_single(const wire_ok_t *wire_ok, dns_rdataclass_t rdclass,
* between uncompressed wire form and type-specific struct.
* If the RR type is not a meta-type, additionally perform two-way
* conversion checks between uncompressed wire form and text form.
* conversion checks between:
* - uncompressed wire form and text form,
* - uncompressed wire form and multi-line text form.
if (result == ISC_R_SUCCESS) {
check_struct_conversions(&rdata, structsize);
if (!dns_rdatatype_ismeta(rdata.type)) {
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