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Update release checklist (BIND_BASELINE_VERSION)

The reference BIND version used in the ABI check CI job is not
determined automatically - it needs to be updated after each BIND
release.  Reflect that fact in the release checklist to make sure the
ABI check CI job is always comparing current code with the latest BIND
release on a given branch.
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......@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@
- [ ] ***(QA)*** Ensure all new tags are annotated and signed.
- [ ] ***(SwEng)*** Push tags for the published releases to the public repository.
- [ ] ***(SwEng)*** Merge the automatically prepared `prep 9.X.Y` commit which updates `version` and documentation on the release branch into the relevant maintenance branch (`v9_X`).
- [ ] ***(QA)*** For each maintained branch, update the `BIND_BASELINE_VERSION` variable for the `abi-check:sid:amd64` job in `.gitlab-ci.yml` to the latest published BIND version tag for a given branch.
[^1]: If not, use the time remaining until the tagging deadline to ensure all outstanding issues are either resolved or moved to a different milestone.
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