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doc change

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......@@ -359,6 +359,14 @@ dns_message_firstname(dns_message_t *msg, dns_section_t section);
* Set internal per-section name pointer to the beginning of the section.
* The functions dns_message_firstname() and dns_message_nextname() may
* be used for iterating over the owner names occuring in a section. For
* ordinary DNS messages, each unique owner name will be returned only
* once, and will be associated with a list of rdatasets. For dynamic
* update messages, the owner name of each RR in the message will be
* returned separately, it will be associated with a list containing a
* single rdataset, and that rdataset will contain a single update RR.
* Requires:
* 'msg' be valid.
......@@ -397,6 +405,9 @@ dns_message_currentname(dns_message_t *msg, dns_section_t section,
* Sets 'name' to point to the name where the per-section internal name
* pointer is currently set.
* This function returns the name in the database, so any data associated
* with it (via the name's "list" member) contains the actual rdatasets.
* Requires:
* 'msg' be valid.
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