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Remove // not configured when generating doc/misc/options

The doc/misc/options is used to generate a file describing all
configuration options. Currently, the file contents could differ
based on ./configure option which is kind of suboptimal.

We already removed the "// not configured" from the, and
this time we remove generation of the string altogether.
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......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ EXTRA_DIST = \
options: cfg_test
$(AM_V_CFG_TEST)$(builddir)/cfg_test --named --grammar | $(PERL) $(srcdir)/ | $(PERL) $(srcdir)/ > $@
$(AM_V_CFG_TEST)$(builddir)/cfg_test --named --grammar | $(PERL) $(srcdir)/ | $(PERL) $(srcdir)/ --strip-not-configured > $@ cfg_test
$(AM_V_CFG_TEST)$(builddir)/cfg_test --named --grammar --active | $(PERL) $(srcdir)/ | $(PERL) $(srcdir)/ --strip-not-configured > $@
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