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2.6. TXT records are no longer automatically split.

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......@@ -119,6 +119,15 @@ line.
$GENERATE: The "$$" construct for getting a literal $ into a domain
name is deprecated. Use \$ instead.
2.6. TXT records are no longer automatically split.
Some versions of BIND accepted strings in TXT RDATA consisting of more
than 255 characters and silently split them to be able to encode the
strings in a protocol conformant way. You may now see errors like this
dns_rdata_fromtext: local.db:119: ran out of space
if you have TXT RRs with too longs strings. Make sure to split the
string in the zone data file at or before a single one reaches 255
3. Interoperability Impact of New Protocol Features
......@@ -243,4 +252,4 @@ necessary, the umask should be set explicitly in the script used to
start the named process.
$Id: migration,v 1.45 2004/03/05 05:04:53 marka Exp $
$Id: migration,v 1.46 2004/11/22 22:24:37 marka Exp $
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