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HPUX Bundled cc detection

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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
<!-- $Id: FAQ.xml,v 1.23 2007/09/04 02:45:01 marka Exp $ -->
<!-- $Id: FAQ.xml,v 1.24 2007/09/05 06:47:33 marka Exp $ -->
<article class="faq">
<title>Frequently Asked Questions about BIND 9</title>
......@@ -901,6 +901,32 @@ empty:
<qandadiv><title>Operating-System Specific Questions</title>
<para>I get the following error trying to configure BIND:
<programlisting>checking if unistd.h or sys/types.h defines fd_set... no
configure: error: need either working unistd.h or sys/select.h</programlisting>
You have attempted to configure BIND with the bundled C compiler.
This compiler does not meet the minimum compiler requirements to
for building BIND. You need to install a ANSI C compiler and / or
teach configure how to find the ANSI C compiler. The later can
be done by adjusting the PATH environment variable and / or
specifying the compiler via CC.
<programlisting>./configure CC=&lt;compiler&gt; ...</programlisting>
</qandadiv> <!-- HPUX -->
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