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1. [Introduction](#intro)
1. [Reporting bugs and getting help](#help)
1. [Contributing to BIND](#contrib)
1. [BIND 9.12 features](#features)
1. [BIND 9.13 features](#features)
1. [Building BIND](#build)
1. [Compile-time options](#opts)
1. [Automated testing](#testing)
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[](; if it fixes a bug,
please submit it to [](
### <a name="features"/> BIND 9.12 features
### <a name="features"/> BIND 9.13 features
BIND 9.12.0 is the newest development branch of BIND 9. It includes a
number of changes from BIND 9.11 and earlier releases. New features
BIND 9.13.0 is the newest development branch of BIND 9. It includes a
number of changes from BIND 9.12 and earlier releases. New features
* `named` and related libraries have been substantially refactored for
improved query performance -- particularly on delegation heavy zones --
and for improved readability, maintainability, and testability.
* Code implementing the name server query processing logic has been moved
into a new `libns` library, for easier testing and use in tools other
than `named`.
* Cached, validated NSEC and other records can now be used to synthesize
NXDOMAIN responses.
* The DNS Response Policy Service API (DNSRPS) is now supported.
* Setting `'max-journal-size default'` now limits the size of journal files
to twice the size of the zone.
* `dnstap-read -x` prints a hex dump of the wire format of each logged
DNS message.
* `dnstap` output files can now be configured to roll automatically when
reaching a given size.
* Log file timestamps can now also be formatted in ISO 8601 (local) or ISO
8601 (UTC) formats.
* Logging channels and `dnstap` output files can now be configured to use a
timestamp as the suffix when rolling to a new file.
* `'named-checkconf -l'` lists zones found in `named.conf`.
* Added support for the EDNS Padding and Keepalive options.
* 'new-zones-directory' option sets the location where the configuration
data for zones added by rndc addzone is stored.
* The default key algorithm in `rndc-confgen` is now hmac-sha256.
* `filter-aaaa-on-v4` and `filter-aaaa-on-v6` options are now available
by default without a configure option.
* The obsolete `isc-hmac-fixup` command has been removed.
### <a name="build"/> Building BIND
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