Commit bd36d301 authored by Andreas Gustafsson's avatar Andreas Gustafsson
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NetBSD now always uses the mit-pthreads/unproven-pthreads

library if it is available; therefore the --with-mit-pthreads
option is no longer needed.  The --with-ptl2 option is now documented
as being experimental and applying to NetBSD only.
parent e21262ae
171. [cleanup] On NetBSD systems, the mit-pthreads or unproven-pthreads
library is now always used unless --with-ptl2 is
explicitly specified on the configure command line.
The --with-mit-pthreads option is no longer needed
and has been removed.
170. [cleanup] Remove inter server consistancy checks from zone,
these should return as a seperate module in 9.1.
dns_zone_checkservers(), dns_zone_checkparents(),
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