Commit bdbdc69a authored by Evan Hunt's avatar Evan Hunt
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[master] correct a mistake in nsupdate help

parent 897049d1
......@@ -2146,10 +2146,10 @@ do_next_command(char *cmdline) {
"zone name (set the zone to be updated)\n"
"class CLASS (set the zone's DNS class, e.g. IN (default), CH)\n"
"check-names { on | off } (enable / disable check-names)\n"
"[prereq] nxdomain name (does this name not exist)\n"
"[prereq] yxdomain name (does this name exist)\n"
"[prereq] nxrrset .... (does this RRset exist)\n"
"[prereq] yxrrset .... (does this RRset not exist)\n"
"[prereq] nxdomain name (require that this name does not exist)\n"
"[prereq] yxdomain name (require that this name exists)\n"
"[prereq] nxrrset .... (require that this RRset does not exist)\n"
"[prereq] yxrrset .... (require that this RRset exists)\n"
"[update] add .... (add the given record to the zone)\n"
"[update] del[ete] .... (remove the given record(s) from the zone)\n");
return (STATUS_MORE);
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