Commit bebeadc8 authored by Tony Finch's avatar Tony Finch Committed by Ondřej Surý
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Include all views in output of `rndc validation status`

The implementation of `rndc validation status` iterates over all the
views to print their validation status. It takes care to print newlines
in between, but it also used put a nul byte at the end of the first view
which truncated the output.

After this change, the nul byte is added at the end so that it prints
the validation status in all views. The `_bind` view is skipped
because its validation status is irrelevant.
parent ebbe1997
......@@ -11078,7 +11078,8 @@ named_server_validation(named_server_t *server, isc_lex_t *lex,
view != NULL;
view = ISC_LIST_NEXT(view, link))
if (ptr != NULL && strcasecmp(ptr, view->name) != 0)
if ((ptr != NULL && strcasecmp(ptr, view->name) != 0)
|| strcasecmp("_bind", view->name) == 0)
CHECK(dns_view_flushcache(view, false));
......@@ -11094,10 +11095,10 @@ named_server_validation(named_server_t *server, isc_lex_t *lex,
CHECK(putstr(text, " (view "));
CHECK(putstr(text, view->name));
CHECK(putstr(text, ")"));
first = false;
if (!set)
result = ISC_R_SUCCESS;
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